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Welcome to Argentina Car Rental PDF Print E-mail

 ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL is our rent a car agency recognized by our trajectory and seriousness in our services. All of our fleet are vehicles models 2006 - 2008.

The group of Proffesionals that are in ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL has the compromise of giving you the highest quality of service, and and excellent personalized attention, counting for this with over than 15 years in the bussines, having participated in the most prestigious international brands.

In Salta Capital, you will find us in Buenos Aires 102 corner with Alvarado. Our phone numbres are: (0387) 4321616 - Rot. Lines- Fax Int. 34.

In Buenos Aires, please comunicate with the direct number or our company, 011-5235-5680.

If you prefer to send us a message, please click here


Rental Services PDF Print E-mail

ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL - CAR RENTAL WITHOUT DRIVER has a fleet of latest models vehicles, having them the correspondent habilitation to cross to other countries..

ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL  has the means and the staff to assist you in case you need special requirements, having the ability to assist each one of our cliens with the professionalism and idoneity of each particular situation.

ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL offers Corporate Rates, Current Accounts and Special Rates to Agencies.

Don't hesitate on consulting us to build together a solution that adequates your needs.

Special Services PDF Print E-mail

ARGENTINA CAR RENTAL  with our travel agency Conociendo Argentina EVT (Leg. 12762), provides special services on what terrestrial transportation referes. This can be in the national or international scope, taking care of every detail of your journey.

The services are Base, Executive, Specials and Gorups, having for each one latest models of vehicules suitable for each situation.We count with drivers and crews highly capacitated so as guides with different languages..

In-Out of Airports, Hotels.
City Tours.

We have experience not only on working with Particulars, Groups and/or Enterprises, but also with Movie and Advertising Productions.